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This Father’s day, celebrate yourself…👣

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Remember the thick head of hair you had in your 20’s… Back when your hair was at its PEAK thickness, and your confidence was at its highest? Now thanks to Science, Shapiro MD is helping Fathers everywhere relive their glory years once again.

Take charge of your hairline. Accept thinning hair and bald spots no longer.

From this point forward, your hair will reign KING! 🦁

If you’re a father on this Father’s day, pay attention because this message is for you:

Shapiro MD is doing a never-seen-before promotion, available to only to men who have kids or grandkids: This Father’s day, take 58% off the price of our proven hair restoration system.

Father's Day ~ up to 58% OFF
🔬In FDA trials, 87% reported seeing new hair growth within 8 weeks of using our Regrowth Serum.

Most users report thicker and fuller looking hair within the first month.

The key to this success lies within using a unique combination never seen before –

Use our proven, twice-patented shampoo and conditioner formula, and then add in our 5% minoxidil Regrowth Serum.

This 1-2 punch has a synergistic effect:

First, our patented shampoo formula “un-miniaturizes” hair follicles shrunk by DHT, the hair loss hormone. Bigger hair follicles = thicker hair = more hair up top.

Second, the Regrowth Serum does exactly that – it regrows hair. It’s FDA cleared to do so. Additionally, minoxidil acts as a vasodilator, pumping loads of oxygen-rich blood to your hair follicles. This helps your hair regrow FAST and get STRONG!

And again, this Father’s day, you can get the entire Shapiro MD hair restoration system for 58% off – a discount so steep we’re practically giving the stuff away.

Thanks to Science, Hair Loss is Now Optional.

60 Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When you start using the Shapiro MD system, here’s what you need to do to achieve maximum results:


Start by dampening your hair (or scalp!) before you get in the shower. Towel off any excess water so you’re not dripping water all over your floor. You want a damp scalp, not a soaked one.

Next, apply the Shapiro MD shampoo, making sure to massage the formula into your scalp. Remember, your scalp is where DHT is shrinking your hair follicles – that’s where the formula needs to go in order to fight back against hair loss.


After applying the shampoo, set a timer and leave the suds in for 15 minutes. Go make coffee or a bagel or read the news while you wait for your Shapiro MD to work its magic.

After your timer is up, hop in the shower and rinse off the shampoo. Then apply the Shapiro MD conditioner, again massaging the formula into your scalp, and leave it applied while you finish the rest of your shower activities (shaving, washing your body, brushing your teeth, etc).


Rinse out the conditioner as the last thing you do before finishing your shower.

The total time that the Shapiro MD formula is in contact with your hair follicles between the shampoo and conditioner should be about 20 minutes per day. That’s the daily time recommended by Dr. Michael Borenstein, one of the co-creators of Shapiro MD.

It’s that easy. 

Just 1 small routine change and your hair will be bigger, thicker, and stronger than ever before. Many Shapiro MD users report more hair up top than they've ever had, even when they were young. That’s how effective Shapiro MD is!

Thanks to Science, Hair Loss is Now Optional.

60 Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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