If you’ve kept up with our blog, then by now you understand two things:


Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, causes the shrinking of hair follicles that leads to thinning hair and eventually, hair loss.


According to painstaking research, the hair loss effects of DHT are effectively counteracted by the 3 active ingredients in the Shapiro MD Hair Restoration Formula: Caffeine, EGCG (Green Tea Extract) and Saw Palmetto Berry Extract.

Stopping the DHT-induced hair follicle shrinkage should be the primary goal of anyone trying to restore their hairline.

Stopping the DHT-induced hair follicle shrinkage should be the primary goal of anyone trying to restore their hairline.

If you’re already using Shapiro MD, you’re on your way to hair restoration success.

But you may be wondering – “Is there anything I can do to enhance my hair restoration?”

“…Make my hair grow faster…”

“…Male my hair grow thicker…”

“…Increase how much hair I have regrowing!”

Conventional thinking may point you to fad diets and junk “hair loss” vitamins…

At Shapiro MD, we take a pass on conventional thinking. That’s what led us to create the hugely successful original Shapiro formula.

That’s what has led us to the next phase of advanced hair restoration: LASERS.

And guess what?

This bad boy is FDA APPROVED* to regrow your hair!

Here’s the best part:

The lasers work in tandem with our patented formula.

Meaning that the FDA Approved Laser Therapy adds to the already beneficial effect of the patented Shapiro MD formula, so that 1 (the Shapiro MD formula) + 1 (the Shapiro MD Laser Therapy Cap) = 3. Add in our 5% minoxidil for an additional tandem effect, making the entire Shapiro MD hair regrowth system 1+1+1=5.

Amazing right?

Let’s dive in.

To start, the use of laser caps in hair regrowth treatment is referred to as Low-Level Laser Therapy or LLLT. It is a well-studied field and is used to clinically treat a wide range of conditions including androgenetic alopecia, more commonly known as hair loss.

→ How Does Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Work?

A widely accepted theory is that LLLT, particularly at wavelengths in the red (visible) range, affects the functioning of the stem cells that cause hair growth. LLLT activates cytochrome c oxidase and increases mitochondrial electron transport, which leads to an increase in ATP and subsequent reversal of hair follicles from the dormant telogen stage of growth, to the active growth or anagen stage.

→ What’s the difference in LLLT devices?

Without getting into extremely scientific detail, the FDA has approved a wide range of laser treatment devices for hair regrowth. There’s currently a brush/comb configuration, a flat panel configuration, and the helmet/cap configuration like the one used in the Shapiro MD laser regrowth cap.


Each design features a different number of light elements and a unique configuration of the lasers. As of this writing, the physical design does not seem to affect efficacy, unless the design encourages uses such as a stylish ball cap that could be worn in transit.


The FDA specifies wavelength and energy delivery to “activate” the stem cells in the dormant hair follicles. As long as these characteristics are met, the laser device will work for its intended purpose.


The only other difference to consider is laser coverage.


As you can tell by the following diagram, there is an ideal distance between the diode and the skin for maximum coverage:


Also, the distance between the diodes affects coverage as well. Here is an example laser disbursement of an 82 diode laser cap (the cheap competitor):


…And here is the laser disbursement of our 272 Premium Laser Hair Regrowth Cap:


As you can tell, when it comes to laser caps, you get what you pay for. The Shapiro MD 272 diode laser cap has 5 times as many light elements as competing devices.


While the wavelength and the energy of the laser diodes are what determines if the laser cap will regrow your hair, the coverage of the laser diodes determines just how effective it will be in assisting your hair regrowth.


Now it’s time for the nitty-gritty:

→ Who is the Shapiro MD Laser Cap For?

According to FDA standards, you must have one of the following skin types and hair loss profiles in order for the helmet to be FDA approved to regrow your hair.


Recommended Skin Types: 1 Through 4 on the Fitzpatrick Scale


Recommended Male Hair Loss Types: IIa, III, IIIa, III-vertex, IV, IVa or V on the Hamilton Scale

Recommended Female Hair Loss Types: Type I-1, I-2, I-3, I-4, II-1, II-2 on the Ludwig Scale

→ How To Use The Shapiro MD Hair Regrowth Laser Cap For Best Results

We recommend daily use of 7 minutes at a time. When you activate your laser cap after placing it on your head, it will beep and a timer will start. 7 minutes later the cap will beep again and turn off, indicating the daily treatment is over.

→ Advantages of Laser-Accelerated Hair Regrowth

    • Works in tandem with the patented Shapiro MD hair therapy formula
    • Works double-in tandem with 5% minoxidil
    • FDA approved to help hair regrowth
    • Easy to use
    • Portable (Get your 7 minute treatment in on your drive to work)
    • Stylish
    • The highest performing laser device of all laser hair growth device types (272 diodes vs 202, 82 or even less)
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Fun to use (Your head heats up while its on. It’s exciting. You can FEEL your hair follicles going into “Regrowth Mode”)


  • 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

→ Disadvantages of Laser-Accelerated Hair Regrowth

It’s expensive, but again, you get what you pay for. In this case its results.

→ 5 Month Guarantee

Yes, you read that correctly. We know the investment for a laser hair growth cap is high. That’s why when you purchase a Shapiro MD Laser Hair Regrowth Cap, your purchase comes with a never-before-seen 5 Month Money Back Guarantee!

When you add a Shapiro MD Laser Hair Regrowth Cap to your hair restoration routine, you should start to see results within the first 30 days.

You should see full results within 5 months.

We want you to know that we are there with you every step of the way throughout your hair regrowth process.

This is why we offer this insane guarantee. We want you to try it, use it and get a full treatment in before deciding whether to keep it or not. We know that its FDA Approved to help regrow your hair, and so we know its going to work for you. We also know that you will be so happy at the end of the 5 month guarantee window that you will want to thank us by not asking for your money back.

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